Zarya Gameplay Guide – BEST Pro Tips and Tricks Coach Guide | Overwatch Guide

Health Pool – 400 (200 health, 200 regenerating shields)
Role – Tank (Damage/Support Oriented)
Pros – Pusher, High Damage Potential
Cons – Low Health Pool, Low Mobility, Team-Oriented, High Cooldown Management

Zarya is one of the most difficult and unforgiving tanks in the game. With her low health pool and her survivability tied to abilities and her team, she can be difficult tank for any player to pick up.

  • Doomfist (Has Excellent synergy with Zarya, due to his gameplay style of diving into the enemy team and attracting a lot of aggro, as well as his ultimate, Meteor Strike, complimenting Graviton well, as it is an aoe attack which is kills most characters if they are caught in the middle of the radius)
  • Genji (Very good synergy with Zarya, due to him being a high priority target to the enemy team, though His deflect ability will deflect incoming damage, preventing charge from being gained; His ultimate is Excellent when combo-ed with Graviton, as Dragonblade is able to hit multiple enemies in one swing)
  • Mccree (Average synergy, due to a lack of any area of effect damage, Deadeye can combo with Graviton to achieve a large multi-kill or team wipe, and Zarya can protect Mccree while he is using his ultimate)
  • Pharah ( Good synergy, Due to high AOE damage capabilities, though her place in the battlefield means it can be difficult to pass a projected barrier to her; Barrage combos excellently with Graviton, due to its concentrated Damage over a small AOE, as well as becoming a high priority target for the enemy, making her a key barrier target)
  • Reaper (Excellent synergy, due to Reaper, like Doomfist, being capable of drawing enemy aggro and taking high amounts of damage, and with his place on the battlefield, will most likely always be in range and in sight to give a barrier too; His ultimate, Death Blossom, combos excellently with Graviton, as it is an high DPS/Damage AOE ability, that is capable of taking out almost every character in the game, exceptions are most tanks, Reaper also becomes a high priority target to pass a barrier to)
  • Soldier: 76 (Average synergy, due mostly to the Helix Rocket ability being an excellent AOE attack to use during Graviton; His ultimate ability, Tactical Visor, has a subpar combo with Graviton, as his ultimate grants him auto-aim, faster rate of fire, and faster reload time, but no high AOE damage to inflict massive damage to a group of enemies trapped in Graviton)
  • Sombra (Has Average synergy with Zarya, due to a lack of any AOE damage, most synergy comes from the combo, Graviton Pulse, which traps and disables all abilities and destroys any placed shields, decaying barriers, and regenerating shields)
  • Tracer (Has Good synergy, due to her being a high priority target for the enemy, but her lack of any base AOE ability means that for any High AOE damage, it must come from the dual ultimate combo, called Graviton Bomb, which is capable of destroying most characters caught within Graviton)